Thursday, December 11, 2008


1. Beads crocodile keychain - sakura, 2. Beads crocodile kechain - skyblue, 3. Beads crocodile keychain - rosa, 4. Bead crocodile Keychain - Peach, 5. Bead crocodile Keychain - Grass meadow, 6. Bead crocodile Keychain - cherry, 7. Bead crocodile Keychain - swimmy, 8. Beads crocodile keychain - pink, 9. Beads crocodile charm - sporty


Vinyl Rocks My World said...

So cool!
I remember making those with pony beads when I was a kid.. I don't think I could figure out how to do it again!
You make them look so much more sophisticated.. way cool!

yuko said...

Thank you Vinyl!
Crocodiles are easy to make it. I am sure you will remember when you have in your hand the beads and wire!

amy said...

the yellow one in the middle is my favorite.

i like yellow a lot.

yuko said...

Hi Amy! Thank you for comment! Actually the one in the middle is greenish yellow.. It's a pity that in the photo can't see so much... but of course I have very lemon yellow crocodile too! I love yellow too!!!

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