Saturday, October 06, 2007

tomato or paprika?

Often on Saturday i go to fruit & vegetable store. and the other day i went there i found something strange.. it seems like a tomato but also like a paprika. I am very curious when i found something never saw. Especially in the vegetable store. I asked to the lady she said, it's sicilian paprika call, "Popone".. What!? "Popone...???!" (it's sound very strange...). anyway i got some for try.

When i back home i looked up on the internet for "Popone".. but nothing come out... i think i misunderstood what she said... then, i looked up for a while changing key words... Finally i found with "sicilian peperone"! It call, "TUMATICOT"! there was also a recipe. they say it's good as gratin...

Well, so i decided to try gratin. I sliced it, i covered them with parmesan cheese, olive oil, a little bit of oregano, salt and pepper. Put them in the oven for 15minuites.
The taste is very good! I think a little bit sweeter than usual paprika. and have thin skin so it's easy to eat.
If you find one i recommend it!
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