Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

So today is my birthday! I get 31.. incredible! This is the mini card that my mother sent to me. She seems like mini square pop-up card. The time has pass incredibly fast and i even cant' imagine I've got 31... Anyway, the important thing is to be healthy and be happy. Like in the song.. don't worry, be happy! Singing this song and going ahead..

Hope you had great weekend too!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pink and Violet

Here's my new pink and violet flower necklace!
This necklace is made of wood beads so it's not heavy. Light, pop color and cute! I love these violet and pink.
Here is getting hot again. Although, in the morning is very cool.. Little by little feeling of the foot step of autumn..
Have a nice weekend!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Poem book for children from Hungary

It was last year at Bologna Children Book Fair, I was really tired from walking all around the fair, it was almost time to leave, and I stopped at booth of Hungarian publishing.. then I found and I fell in love with this lovely Hungarian book.
It call "Friss Tinta!". It seems Hungarian poem but it's a pity that I can't read...
Every page is different graphic and illustration. I like these warm color and surrealistic drawing.. and so I looked up for the illustrator.
She call Mari Takacs from Hungary and is doing graphic designer too. She also did various illustration for other Hungarian children books.
I looked for on the internet if it's translated in some other languages but I couldn't find any.. If someone know if it will or already translated and pubblished, I would be happy!
Here's some of her work..

Friday, August 22, 2008

Little escape to Venezia

Yesterday we did short trip to Venezia!
We took highway and it took about 3hours. From Venice we took little boat to Murano.
Murano is famous for its glass work. And of course my purpose was to find beautiful glass beads! But there was not so much beads.. Instead there was many glass work mirror, lamp, little animal made of glass etc etc... I think there's place where selling bulk of beads but may be you should know the place... anyway, the island was bigger than I thought. But except the shop, when you go inside the island where there's resident area, it's silence.. I don't know if it's because summer vacation or because always in silence... a little bit sad..
anyway, at 3 o'clock, we took late lunch, fish spaghetti and fried fish. It was pretty good! and then we left Murano island and we went to Venice. We walked in the little alley like a labyrinth. Many small bridges everywhere. There's no car, no bicycle.. Only one we saw with the tire was a handcart for the post-man! It's very unique and at certain point you can feel as if you did a time trip to medieval. Feeling foot step of carnival people with mask.. mysterious and fascinating.. The day we went was hot! Extremely hot... there was no wind but strong sun light.. Anyway, we walked a lot and got tired but we saw many beautiful things.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Illustration from Taiwan

I found this illustrator call Jimmy Liao from Taiwan. I found he draw delicate but lovely illustration. Using sometimes vivid color which is like tropical climate of Taiwan. It seems in Taiwan he did many illustration for children books. and also some of books are translated in other languages too.

Monday, August 18, 2008


This weekend, we went to mountain near Dolomiti, Trentino, border of Switzerland and Austria. It's about 180km from Bergamo. We took highway and then mountain road. The day we left it was not good weather... raining and cloudy. When we arrived at Mountain, it was cold! about 14 degree! I brought light cardigan but I didn't expect so much cold so we went to looking for another jacket and socks.. Next day it was fine sunny day, so we took the lift to go top of the mountain. There was only 10degree... so.. cold.. but the summer sun light is strong enough to get sun tan so we took chair and relaxed under the sun with jacket. We ate a lot and good cooking and relaxed..

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vacation to Belgium!

and so.. I went to the vacation to Belgium with my Mom! Me and my mother went around in the city of Bruxelles almost every day and visited many museum. Here's little guide where I visited.
Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium: they had exhibition of EXPO '58, CONTEMPORARY ART IN THE WORLD FAIR which was a grand world fair when my mother was a child.
Another one was interesting comparing and influences between oriental and western art "Oriental Fascination – Japonism in Belgium" at Hotel de Ville de Bruxelles. I think Japanese art influenced in a lot of category and various artists in the world their fascination. This time was Belgium painter.
René Magritte Museum: it is the house of Magritte which he lived when he created a lot of his work. While he was working as a graphic designer he painted many brilliant work. And many of his work where you can find houses or room was where he lived..

Belgian Centre for Comic Strip Art: it was second time which I visited this museum. This time it was to see Smurf 50's anniversary! I like this museum for the building and the exhibition. The building is very art-nouveau stile and my mom said one time it was textile shop. and now here it is, they are presenting Belgium Bande Dessinèe.

Ixelles Museum of Fine Arts:
Collection of Belle epoque
mainly Alexandre Charpentier. I liked his work very much. Warm, delicate and fine sculpture themed on music and family.

In Bruxelles it was cool and not so good weather though as usual. but i enjoyed these exhibition. I hope you enjoy little tour of belgium museum with me!

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