Monday, May 25, 2009


I found this music clip the other day while I was looking for a musician call "Berry".

Video clip is made by Yoann Lemoine.
It's simple animation all in blue. Just like as if drawed in blue ink.

Since here is really really hot these days, it is good to get cool a little bit.
Happy monday!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Croc, Rock!

I put these new Croc on my shop list!

Strawberry Icecream Baby Blanket

I started this project on... February I think. Little by little at evening before going bed, knitting and knitting and knitting... I couldn't decide the color so I went many times to the yarn shop to get various color of yarn. It was long way... The stitches I used is just simple, garter stitches. At the end I used binding tapes to finish up.
And 3months later.. Here it is!!
I liked how it turned out! I wish i had better skill to knit but i like knitting. This was simple project but since it was the first time that I made such a big blanket it was hard. The result is I am satisfied. It's just like strawberry icecream! yummy!!! I hope my friend and the baby will like it! ^_^

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Blloon on Etsy

So, after I made a lot of post on my favourite balloon, let me show you some beautiful photograph which I found on Etsy!


Shop at labokoff

Line Of Balloons Through The Viewfinder Photo Print

Shop at ScarletBeautiful2

alberta street balloons 8.5x11

Shop at girlhula

Ballon Rouge

Sometime ago my mother told me she went to see this movie in the theater which was showing old films.. It's call Ballon Rouge. It's a french film made in 1956 directed by Albert Lamorisse.
This film is very beautiful. Contrast of monotone city scape of Paris and the Red balloon is wonderful. I haven't seen entire film so I hope to see it one day soon..
Meanwhile, I found this trailer on YouTube so take a look!

Little reminders..

This is cards call "Little Reminders - 20 Helpful Cards for the Tongue-Tied".
I found this sweet card on Etsy from fieldandsea. She make very beautiful original print, cards, notebook, and pillowbox. I especially loved the poem which was written on the discription of this card... Really Sweet***

You’re an amazing human being
Let’s climb to the roof
I have lost the right words. Will these do?
I‘ve been thinking about you
You are beautiful.
I have a secret to share
I miss you
Come on a picnic with me
I‘ve lost my way
I like you
You’re right, I’m wrong
I‘m sort of shy
Don’t look back
Let’s go puddle jumping
I miss you even when you’re right here beside me
My knees went weak
You’re so cute I want to kiss you
I‘m all I have to give you
Will you go out with me?

Sunday, May 03, 2009

The biggest balloon ever

So here it is! Next balloon topic. New film of the pixar call "UP".

It's amazing that so many balloons lifting up the house and will travel all over the world. These tow guys directed film. Pete Docter and Bob Peterson. The main character is an aged man and a boy. Only this setting make me want to see the movie.
In italy it will release on 16 October 2009.... Can't wait to see it!!!

Romantic Balloon

I love balloon. Colorful, light and it's fragile... A few month ago, I found this perfume poster in the shop.. Really Lovely, romantic and girlish taste as I like.

It's new perfume of Dior. Miss Dior Cherie. The advertisement was directed by Sophia Coppola. And now you see all her world. Sweet and romantic. Especially the commercial is lovely. Take a look.

Flying like a Balloon!

colorful balloons slip away from your little hand
going away
up up up high up in the blue sky
colorful balloons going up
blue, yellow, red, green all color
they are not sure where going
knowing just they are going with hope..

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Friday, May 01, 2009

Feel the world as one.

Sometime ago there was a video on YouTube call "Where the Hell is Matt?". It was a video which one guy took video of himself dancing around the world. He danced in front of the famous statue or panorama etc. Sometimes it was with local people, kids or alone. and took a video. He gathered up all these video and made a video. So you could see all the picture around the world while he was dancing. It was kind of fun and cool idea, I thought. Feeling the world in this way in a short video.
And now, I found this another video which the idea is evaluated. It's a video where different street artist from all over the world play same song and put together as if they are playing at the same place and made a concert..
It call "Playing For Change - Song Around The World "Stand By Me"" It made me feel great and these street musicians are really great! I've already listen this morning in loop.. They did also another song in played in this way. You can find from the link above... Hope you enjoy and bright up your day!

Playing For Change | Song Around The World "Stand By Me" from Concord Music Group on Vimeo.

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