Monday, March 03, 2008

Me l'ha detto il topo...

Me l'ha detto il topoの写真

The mouse said so...

One day when we were talking in the office about horoscope Chinese, i had a question by my colleague, "How they decided these cycle of animals?". it's like to ask "How is decided horoscope astrology?" Yes, i know it's a simple question but one doesn't think often.. anyway, when one live another country, sometimes get difficult question which is completely don't have idea... when you live there you don't notice all things. or just don't interested in. but when you transfer to another country they expect to know everything about your country.. it's difficult. sometimes.. i don't say it's annoying. I am also happy to receive this kind of question. Because you know better than before about your country and discover the identity. it's ironic though..

anyway, i found the answer in coincident!
I found a beautiful book the other day call, "Me l'ha detto il topo".
It's Italian book. It tells about Chinese Horoscope.
It came from a Chinese legend. Very nice design and simple story.

Feeling the footstep of Spring

Some days ago, while i was gathering dead leaves in the garden i found some flowers. I am not taking care of the garden so much, but when start to feel the spring i try take care a little bit... and this season usually there's some flowers blooming.



Hina-matsuri, Girls day!

Today in Japanese tradition is girls day. Usually we display dolls wearing kimono. Ever year my mother send me cards designed with this dolls. This year here it is!

It's a 3D card 5cm x 5cm. it's very little. and yesterday, i found some peach flower branches at flower shop. It fits very good with black vase which is my aunt gave me.

and also usually on girls day we make "Chirashi-zushi". it's a kind of sushi salad. the base of rice is sushi-like. and decorate with fish or vegetable you like. i usually put carrot and dry porcini cooked in soy sauce and sugar, salmon or shrimp, and then this time i put "cima di rapa" kind of broccoli sprout, and on the top egg crepes slices. in Japanese cooking is important the color. so if you can't find broccoli sprout it's ok anything green, green pie or spinach. instead of salmon or shrimp, if you find salmon eggs.. so you can arrange the topping as you like it. Important thing is just be colorful!

and as dessert, i usually do chopped strawberry with ice cream. or strawberry cake..
Now has just began strawberry season so anything with strawberry it's good!

so here is Girls day in Japanese style!
hope you enjoy!
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