Sunday, October 18, 2009

Grape Juice Scarf

It is a while I haven't written on my blog.. It has passed the summer vacation and already it's autumn. And I hear the footstep of the winter already. The time is passing certainly. No doubt.

One month ago I bought this beautiful yarn on Etsy. It was my small dream to buy a hand spun yarn and make something special. But I needed to practice before buying it. I did some project and get used to make some project and knitting. After some project I finally decided. I looked up on Etsy and found this lovely grape color yarn at Debland. It arrived after 2weeks and... voi là! I was so excited! I opened my little box and found grape color yarn.

I found this pattern on internet call Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks. I liked the title also the stitch she is using. It is perfect for my special project!

It took one week because I didn't want to mistake. Little by little at night on the couch with my cats around, I knitted, knitted knitted...

25 stitch and I knitted until it reach 60cm.

It turned out really nice. It keep me warm and I get many compliments!
I also like the square wooden button which I found at the hobby show where I went there with my friend. So at last, I made something special*:)
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