Monday, June 23, 2008

Here comes the sun...

And finally, we have sunshine! and... too hot.. Never in right way... Anyway I am happy because there's sun.
And also another thing, I get cold. damn... Last Thursday, I had sore throat. I had to finish my work by Friday. I went to pharmacy to get medicine. On Friday I couldn't get up.. but I went to the office anyway. I left office right away when I finished the stuff I needed to do. It was 2pm. On the way home, I take train. I got wrong train. I noticed before the train took off. I was even sleeping there... I felt too much tired.. anyway I got home at 6pm, instead of arriving before 4pm.. damn...
These days, I am too much tired. May be because of rain, or work, or many events we had this month.. I don't know..
So this weekend, relax just relax. I just did things I like. Up dating items on Etsy, taking walk, cooking. And now I feel much better. :)
Hope you had nice weekend too!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

New earrings

Here is new added earrings on etsy. The one is kind of Carnival. The grass beads of blue and red dots. I like it because the dots makes me fun.

And the other one is Summer stream earrings.
These earrings reminds me when I was child, on the vacation, we went to the province in france. And one day we went to take a walk in the forest. See the sun light under the tree and everything is shining. Feeling the chilling air and sometimes there's a place you can hear the sound of streaming...
That's what it inspired me!

Hope you have wonderful weekend!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New necklace

I have just up loaded to my shop etsy, new necklaces! One is made from wood beads and the other one is mix with wood beads and ceramic beads.
The red bordered one is very pop and cute. I imaged circus.
The other one with blue tone, inspired by Chinese blue lotus. The blue bird is the point!

These days we don't have so much good weather... It seems rainy season in Japan...
not humid though, but cold... oh.. when will the sun shining day appear...

Monday, June 02, 2008

Funny face

While I was taking photo of the earrings, Dora came to see what i am doing..
here is here funny face!

mandarin earrings

These days here is not good weather. raining, raining and raining... except yesterday it was sunny day. So, I made this yellow sunshine earrings!
you can find on etsy shop!

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