Monday, December 31, 2007


I just wanted to say "Happy new year 2008 to all!" and i wanted to put a this video to share this moment, who had just arrived 2008 and who is going to arrive, with this cute monster. I like elmo from "Sesame Street" (He was my favorite when i was little.) and i found this is very cute and sweet and makes me smile a lot every time when i watch, even when i am sad..
I hope everyone will have a wonderful fun 2008!
Hope you enjoy it!

Bye Bye Spider! Bye Bye 2007!

These days before reaching new year, i am cleaning all the house (however, "all the house" is big words..) anyway, the other day i cleaned the outside of the house, yesterday all window, today, i was cleaning the floor.. (it's still in work though..) and yesterday when i was cleaning the window, how many spider i found!!! From tiny tiny one to big one. eak! and the spider web. i don't like to kill it so i pushed out with a stick..
Now is beautifully clean and the window is shiny. Just a little thing like clean room makes me happy. Clean all dust of 2007 and welcome brand new 2008!

Wish you all happy happy new year 2008!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Soup seasons

Winter is the season i don't like so much... the one thing i appreciate that it's good for Soup season. Because i like very much Soup! Each winter i experiment new soup.
Soup of Finocchio. (Finocchio is fennel in italian and i use the part of bulb), Tomato, Carrot, Zucchine, Green Piece, Porro... I usually combine with potato and at the end i use blender to mix them all up. The result is 50/50. Sometimes is good and sometimes not... anyway. my experiment is just begun so this winter during the holiday season i will try some more. and it is good to rest your stomach from heavy festivity dinner or lunch...

new earrings

Here is new earrings i made these days. These are on my Etsy shop. I hope you enjoy and find something you like!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Venetzian Murano beautiful glass earrings

I updated my little shop on Etsy. Little by little like a turtle passes... I like very much these little glass beads from Murano, Venetzia. Each motif and form is different.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Photo Booth with new Mac!

I bought a new computer. it's a white body Mac book.
It's about 7years that i haven't had a new "my" computer. The first one was in '98 (if i remember well.. ). It was NEC note book. i have just graduated the highschool. i was connecting to internet through modem. it wasn't even 56k... i remember well how i felt exciting but at the same time strange that there's another world just connecting to the phone line. The second one was Toshiba Libretto 100. it's a tiny tiny computer. i even created home page with that. Seeing now this computer, it's too small!!! Ok. i have little hands but it's just too small..
Now, i have my brand new white Mac book! yeah! and there's a fun software call "PhotoBooth"
you can modify your face or change the background.

here is the photo!

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