Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Piano - Jo Hisaishi

This one is the last one.
He is often makes soundtrack for Miyazaki Hayao's film. His name is Jo Hisaishi. May be some of them know from Takeshi Kitano's film too.
I like this one this moment. It's music from Kikujiro directed by Takeshi Kitano.

Finidng tIny happy

I've read recently one phrase which makes me thinking and thinking..
"If you cannot make yourself happy, you will not have power to make another one happy."
I thought this is very true.. It seems such a simple thing but actually it's kind of difficult...

Piano - Ryuichi Sakamoto

What makes me peace is the sound of piano.. His piano is excellent.

Piano - Takagi Masakatsu

What is inspiring me these days is the sound of piano.
Here's the first one.
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