Monday, December 17, 2007

Photo Booth with new Mac!

I bought a new computer. it's a white body Mac book.
It's about 7years that i haven't had a new "my" computer. The first one was in '98 (if i remember well.. ). It was NEC note book. i have just graduated the highschool. i was connecting to internet through modem. it wasn't even 56k... i remember well how i felt exciting but at the same time strange that there's another world just connecting to the phone line. The second one was Toshiba Libretto 100. it's a tiny tiny computer. i even created home page with that. Seeing now this computer, it's too small!!! Ok. i have little hands but it's just too small..
Now, i have my brand new white Mac book! yeah! and there's a fun software call "PhotoBooth"
you can modify your face or change the background.

here is the photo!

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