Sunday, April 06, 2008

Apple Confiture

This weekend i didn't do nothing... (nothing mean for the house cleaning..) except cooking and meet some of my frieds. Having lunch with them and chitchatting all day long. It's a while i didn't see my friends so it was very very fun! It's not good always doing rutin things and get stress of the every day life... anyway, While i was surfing on the internet this morning, i found a blog which was writing about confiture. And, this inspired me. I had some apples which i didn't know what to do. They were becoming shrinking... So i decided to make a confiture with apple flavoured with cinnamon.

4 golden apples (600g)
sugar 500g
1 lemon
1 stick of cinnamon

Put all ingredients in the pan and heat them until the apples becoming trasparent.
That's it! it's easy, natural and delicious.
If you have apples i recommend it.

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