Monday, June 23, 2008

Here comes the sun...

And finally, we have sunshine! and... too hot.. Never in right way... Anyway I am happy because there's sun.
And also another thing, I get cold. damn... Last Thursday, I had sore throat. I had to finish my work by Friday. I went to pharmacy to get medicine. On Friday I couldn't get up.. but I went to the office anyway. I left office right away when I finished the stuff I needed to do. It was 2pm. On the way home, I take train. I got wrong train. I noticed before the train took off. I was even sleeping there... I felt too much tired.. anyway I got home at 6pm, instead of arriving before 4pm.. damn...
These days, I am too much tired. May be because of rain, or work, or many events we had this month.. I don't know..
So this weekend, relax just relax. I just did things I like. Up dating items on Etsy, taking walk, cooking. And now I feel much better. :)
Hope you had nice weekend too!

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