Monday, June 08, 2009

Shiso returns!

So this year again. The shiso which I got from my friend last year, made new leaves. I mean, little seeds spread out in the planter and has growen everywhere! Even under the vase... Shiso is incredibly strong!!! ... and it became a little forest of Shiso! So, some of them I gave to my friends, some of them I made salad or cooked with chicken... but still, there are too much!!! I looked up on the internet and then I found a recipe. It is "Shiso Cordial". Simply it's shiso syrup. Good for summer to refresh!

Here the recipe:
100g of Shiso leaves
500cc Water
250g Sugar
2 full of spoon of Lemon juice

Boil water and put Shiso which is well cleaned.
Continue boiling for 10 minutes.
Divide leaves and liquid and add sugar.
Mixing them well until the sugar is well melting.
Add lemon juice.
Put in the bottle.
... and done!


Hanna said...

Oh man! I wanna do that next year. My shiso seedlings died this year because I was too busy to transplant them.... nice to "meet" you!

yuko said...

Thank you for the comment Hanna! Shiso is really strong. So may be you will have some shiso which was left in the vase!? Siso syrop is nice for summer!

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