Thursday, July 16, 2009


I've been to London for short weekend vacation! It's my first time visit. (exactly it was second time becuase i went there when I was one year old but since i don't remember at all i should say my first time :)) anyway, it was great! I liked very much London. Seems like Tokyo as atmosphere... It's kind of similar. Many people, tube, shops etc... Especially there were many Japanese sushi bar! Of course we went to eat there and also fish and chips, and curry! And also we visited many markets like Borough market, Portobello market, Whitecross street market and Spitalfields.. one market missed was Columbia Road market... It was near the hotel where we stayed but since the market was only on Sundays we didn't have time.. But I tried Bagel which was recommended in the guide book.. ^_^ And of course, there are many other markets all around london.. Anyway, it seems that we went to London just for eat... ^_^;; However in general I love market! Many fresh vegetable, food, clothes, strange odd things.. but still interesting because each market is specialized and you can see the everyday life of Londoners.. I think it is interesting also London bus tour but I would rather recommend market tour!

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