Sunday, November 29, 2009

Baroness Beret

Here it is! my new creation. Baroness Beret which I've found on Ravelry. It's a free pattern. I bought this yarn from this site. They have real shop in UK and I thought it is better for me to order from them since it's near.. I bought wool yarn which I got to know from Ravelry. It's call Malabrigo. It is super soft yarn from Uruguay. It is very easy to knit and since I've read many knitter using it I was very interested in it. So since the hat is small project and I am beginner of knitting I decided to take 1 skein to try. And here it is! I like the result. It was, in fact, very easy to knit and I like it very much.

I took this picture from Mac photobooth so it's not good quality photo.. anyway. I like it! :)


Lidia said...

me gusta mucho todo lo que haces
felicidades por tu blog y gracias por compartir

a friend to knit with said...

hi alice!
i don't have an email address for you... i left a comment on my blog.. and here another chance to make sure you receive this!
so... when picking of for the thumb on "toasty"...
you will have the 4 from the waste yarn... then 2 at "split" (before you get to the 4 cast on) then 2 from the cast on... the 2 more from the cast on... then 2 at the "split" (edge).
i hope you understand...
happy knitting!

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