Thursday, February 07, 2008

30 list for new year

It has passed already one month... and i thought it would be good idea to make a list! Inspired by her.
Here it is:

1. get in touch with my friends more.
I am very lazy for this.. and often i lost contact.. i am very sorry for this..
This year write, write and write! meet, meet, and meet!
2. see my best friend, Yuko!
It's a long time i don't see her. there's so much to talk.
3. go to Tokyo.
Yes! it is my home town!! i miss such messy, noisy but unique city in the world.
4. learn to draw a character.
5. learn a new recipe using vegetable.
6. see movie at least one a month.
7. improve speaking italian.
8. find a favourite illustrator.
9. buy a curtain for dining room.
10. take more photo.
11. go to see a play anything. (especially modern dance)
12. improve my etsy shop.
13. make many crocodile with beads.
14. do exercise. may be take a modern dance class if i found..
15. explore the town with bicycle.
16. visit belgium.
17. read books on native indian.
18. discover new indies song.
19. find some prints to put on the wall.
20. go to a flea market to find a treasure.
21. make a little bed for cats.
22. learn knitting
23. go to breakfast on sunday sometimes.
24. learn about tulip.
25. visit venice, murrano island.
26. make a berry cake
27. learn japanese cooking
28. experiment new soup.
29. go to drink with my best friend Anna.
30. continue write for this blog!

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