Sunday, February 24, 2008


There's a market every Friday near office. I often go there to discover something new. I like market very much. There's many thing and also i can see what is eaten in Italy.
and i found. i found tiny tiny white fish. They are also eaten in Japan too. They are becoming sardine or anchovy.. Yes! They are "Bianchetti" in Italian and "Shirasu" in Japanese!

The one i found in the market was boiled. In Italy it seems they eat with olive oil and lemon but in Japan, they use usually as topping of tofu, salad, pasta, or mixing with rice.

So I made "Shirasu Gohan". It's really simple. just cook rice and at the end mix with bianchetti and some wakame (algae). The bianchetti is already salted so i think it's enough tasty. If not add some salt.

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