Friday, August 22, 2008

Little escape to Venezia

Yesterday we did short trip to Venezia!
We took highway and it took about 3hours. From Venice we took little boat to Murano.
Murano is famous for its glass work. And of course my purpose was to find beautiful glass beads! But there was not so much beads.. Instead there was many glass work mirror, lamp, little animal made of glass etc etc... I think there's place where selling bulk of beads but may be you should know the place... anyway, the island was bigger than I thought. But except the shop, when you go inside the island where there's resident area, it's silence.. I don't know if it's because summer vacation or because always in silence... a little bit sad..
anyway, at 3 o'clock, we took late lunch, fish spaghetti and fried fish. It was pretty good! and then we left Murano island and we went to Venice. We walked in the little alley like a labyrinth. Many small bridges everywhere. There's no car, no bicycle.. Only one we saw with the tire was a handcart for the post-man! It's very unique and at certain point you can feel as if you did a time trip to medieval. Feeling foot step of carnival people with mask.. mysterious and fascinating.. The day we went was hot! Extremely hot... there was no wind but strong sun light.. Anyway, we walked a lot and got tired but we saw many beautiful things.


zamzam design said...

Love your photos of Venezia!
Your little crocodiles are fun, too :). Thanks for passing by my blog and leaving a comment. Hope to see you back again soon.


yuko said...

Thanks to you stopping by! Little by little I am trying to update my blog and Etsy.. See you again soon!

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