Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vacation to Belgium!

and so.. I went to the vacation to Belgium with my Mom! Me and my mother went around in the city of Bruxelles almost every day and visited many museum. Here's little guide where I visited.
Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium: they had exhibition of EXPO '58, CONTEMPORARY ART IN THE WORLD FAIR which was a grand world fair when my mother was a child.
Another one was interesting comparing and influences between oriental and western art "Oriental Fascination – Japonism in Belgium" at Hotel de Ville de Bruxelles. I think Japanese art influenced in a lot of category and various artists in the world their fascination. This time was Belgium painter.
René Magritte Museum: it is the house of Magritte which he lived when he created a lot of his work. While he was working as a graphic designer he painted many brilliant work. And many of his work where you can find houses or room was where he lived..

Belgian Centre for Comic Strip Art: it was second time which I visited this museum. This time it was to see Smurf 50's anniversary! I like this museum for the building and the exhibition. The building is very art-nouveau stile and my mom said one time it was textile shop. and now here it is, they are presenting Belgium Bande Dessinèe.

Ixelles Museum of Fine Arts:
Collection of Belle epoque
mainly Alexandre Charpentier. I liked his work very much. Warm, delicate and fine sculpture themed on music and family.

In Bruxelles it was cool and not so good weather though as usual. but i enjoyed these exhibition. I hope you enjoy little tour of belgium museum with me!

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