Thursday, November 13, 2008

Asakusa - where you can find old Tokyo

Today I want to write about Asakusa. It's the area still you can find old tokyo. Both as tokyoite as town scape.. Since Tokyo tend to be metropolitan of Japan, there's a lot of people live in not only japan but from all over the world, it's few people remained who originally from "TOKYO". In Japanese call "Edokko". It deliver from former name of Tokyo, "EDO". Their main image was don't worry about little thing, and they are not good at business. They are very heartwarming but stubborn and get angry when they are in trouble.. Love joking but not good at expressing themselves... etc etc.. (by Wikipedia)
Anyway, the symbol of this area is Kaminari-mon. When you enter the gate there's long gallery where you can find souvenir. At the end of the street there's a temple. The original temple was built in 645. Since then it was burned or got in earthquake but every time it was rebuilt. Around late 1700 and beginning of 1800 often it had been appeared in the Ukiyoe and got famous around Japan.. And also if you are fan of Kitano Takeshi, the famous Japanese director, there's a theater where he began his career as comedian. Now the theater has changed the name and got together with another theater though, you can still see the atmosphere.

If you have time I recommend also to take little ship which goes around river running thorough Tokyo. It's near also main office of Asahi Beer where you can find on top of the building a gold drop of beer which was designed by French architect, Philippe Starck.

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