Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tabineko Zakka shop

It's a week that has passed since I came back home.. I get well now and finally here we have sunny day and I feel better..
So the vacation to Tokyo. I wanted to write little tour guide here.
First day we went was "Tabineko Zakka-Ten". It's between Kishibojin and Zoushigaya near Ikebukuro area. We took little train from Oji which is located at north Tokyo, and it's on Keihintohoku-Line (the JR line, blue one). From here you take little train. It goes in the old part of Tokyo and you can see every day life. Houses attached one another, school girls and boys in uniform, baby and children with mom and grandmother...
and then you get off at Kishibojin. There's a temple dedicated to protection of children and maternity. And then you walk in the little shopping street. There's grocery store, sweets shop, laundry shop etc.. and then in this little street you can find a little shop with a black cat smiling.

It is the shop I found on the internet and since then I wanted to visit.
It call Tabineko Zakka-Ten. Traveling Cat Zakka shop. Since the shop call Neko, cat, she have many zakka on cats. And also since the owner of the shop started as a used book shop, she have many used book. Mainly about Japanese culture. They also have Japanese traditional toys, texture, and many other things...

And so, this is very Japanese everyday life style area.
Next time I will write on Harajuku, and Omotesando!

Have a nice week!

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