Saturday, November 15, 2008

Orso con la spada

We had great blue sky today! So we went to take a walk in città alta, where still remains medieval atmosphere.
While walking around we stopped at a little stationary and book shop at the half of the street. And I found this cute book. "Orso con la spada".
It is illustrated by an Gianluca Folì and written by Davide Calì. I really liked the illustration. Delicate touch of line, colore, and dynamic page layout.So I looked up on the internet about illustrator. And then I found a.. a picture which I liked and was putting as a desktop picture for a while.. Yes it was him! I was really happy to find his picture again! He is from Rome, Italy and it seems he is working a lot with magazine. His style is very delicate and very Japanese style, kind of "Nihon-ga".. He uses a lot of Japanese calligraphy and it is curious how he learned..


Gianluca Folì said...

Ciao Yuko, thanks for your kind words and for warming up my morning :)

yuko said...

Wow! Thank you very much for the comment!!! I really like your picture! Best wishes for your work! :))

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