Friday, December 12, 2008

Fish Market and Tokyo Tower

This is the last one.. Fish market! I think many of them who is interested in Tokyo suppose heared about it. It's the biggest fish market not only in japan but also around the world! It's located at Tsukiji. (near Ginza.) The nearest station is Tsukiji of Tokyo-Metro Ginza line. You take off the station and it's about 5minuite by walk from there.
When you arrive there, there are a lot of little shops selling kind of wired things, like, seaweed, vegetable, fish, beans, chopsticks, knives for cooking, kitchen goods, etc etc. It's very curious and you want to stop one by one. and then there's sushi bar too! If you arrive before lunch time I recommend to try one. They of course use fresh fishes and also you can feel the atmosphere of edo sushi bar!

Unfortunately when we arrived at the fish market it was already finished... I've read the other day that they doesn't want tourist inside fish market.. It's a pity.. but to eat sushi I think you can. I think just inside...

and then, when the stomach is satisfied, :) since Ginza is near it might be good idea to walk by there and if you want you can see "Kabuki". They also borrow a tape for the guide. and if you want to see just a part also is ok.. and not so expensive.

then take Tokyo-metro, again, Ginza line and go to Tokyo tower!

That day was beautiful day. a little bit cloudy but there was beautiful light..
And this is it! A little Tokyo tour guide. I hope you enjoyed!

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