Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ghibli Museum

It seems that I finished writing about Tokyo... but not! :) I am very slow but we go ahead... This time is Ghibli Museum! It's museum of great studio of animation, Hayao Miyazaki! They are displayed how they make animation, film, idea, sketches etc etc... It's not too big and a lot of ideas. it's a museum not only children but also adult can enjoy! It's located a little bit outside of Tokyo. 20 minutes by train. (Sobu-sen (the yellow line) or Chuou-sen (the orange line) from Shinjyuku). Get off at Mitaka and take the Ghibli pullman. Or if you like to walk you can take a walk it's about 20 min..

There's also souvenire shop wit a lot of gadget and book shop! And if you are hungry there's also hot dog and little restaurant where you can eat inside..

After the visit museum if you have good weather, I recommend to walk through the Inogashira Park which is the museum already inside. And reach at Kichijoji station. (It's the station between Mitaka and Shinjyuku). You can find very beautiful fauna of Tokyo!

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