Friday, May 01, 2009

Feel the world as one.

Sometime ago there was a video on YouTube call "Where the Hell is Matt?". It was a video which one guy took video of himself dancing around the world. He danced in front of the famous statue or panorama etc. Sometimes it was with local people, kids or alone. and took a video. He gathered up all these video and made a video. So you could see all the picture around the world while he was dancing. It was kind of fun and cool idea, I thought. Feeling the world in this way in a short video.
And now, I found this another video which the idea is evaluated. It's a video where different street artist from all over the world play same song and put together as if they are playing at the same place and made a concert..
It call "Playing For Change - Song Around The World "Stand By Me"" It made me feel great and these street musicians are really great! I've already listen this morning in loop.. They did also another song in played in this way. You can find from the link above... Hope you enjoy and bright up your day!

Playing For Change | Song Around The World "Stand By Me" from Concord Music Group on Vimeo.

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