Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Little reminders..

This is cards call "Little Reminders - 20 Helpful Cards for the Tongue-Tied".
I found this sweet card on Etsy from fieldandsea. She make very beautiful original print, cards, notebook, and pillowbox. I especially loved the poem which was written on the discription of this card... Really Sweet***

You’re an amazing human being
Let’s climb to the roof
I have lost the right words. Will these do?
I‘ve been thinking about you
You are beautiful.
I have a secret to share
I miss you
Come on a picnic with me
I‘ve lost my way
I like you
You’re right, I’m wrong
I‘m sort of shy
Don’t look back
Let’s go puddle jumping
I miss you even when you’re right here beside me
My knees went weak
You’re so cute I want to kiss you
I‘m all I have to give you
Will you go out with me?

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