Sunday, May 03, 2009

Flying like a Balloon!

colorful balloons slip away from your little hand
going away
up up up high up in the blue sky
colorful balloons going up
blue, yellow, red, green all color
they are not sure where going
knowing just they are going with hope..

1. Up up and away in my beautiful balloon, 2. the colourfulation of balloons, 3. lift off, 4. Balloon Bouquet, 5. who knows if the moon's a balloon,coming out of a keen city in the sky--, 6. Girl with balloons 12/52wks, 7. Balloons, 8. Balloons at Central Park, 9. watercolored balloons, 10. Balloons 4/4, 11. Early morning light - the balloon seller, 12. Balloons, 13. Pride Balloons, 14. Balloons, 15. Balloons, 16. 38| Balloons make even the cloudiest days brighter

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